Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Bone Garden

This is the pdf library of documents from the activity of the Surrealist Group in Stockholm (the ”Bibliotheca onthoplanctorum” version is not updated). Files may be in English or Swedish.

Still, much more material is available in html format directly at the frozen Surrealistgruppen webpage (not the least a diversity of smaller contributions and including many texts from the 90s and even some from the 80s), or (from 2006 on) on the collective blogs - icecrawler/heelwalker (eng), biografier åt okrossbara hälleflundror (sw), and the terrestrial cephalopod (eng) are still updated at very irregular intervals, while the cormorant council (eng/sw) and the diabolik blog (sw) were abandoned.

Files are sorted under the following headings, not mutually exclusive:
    Poetry anthologies
    Group reports
    Lesser group reports
    merdarius and Cormorant Council compilation pamphlets
    History of surrealism
    Early days of the group
    Vast compendia and single essays

The library does not have a linklist of its own. Interested are referred to the Desmatorium surrealistorum list.

Contact the surrealist group at contactATsurrealistgruppenDOTorg

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